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Counting Down the Top Red Raider Victories Against Other Texas Teams

Photo CC: Getty Images

For Texas Independence Day, we’re counting down the Top-5 Texas Tech victories against other Texas teams! These include basketball, baseball, and football victories!

No. 5: Kurt Wilson Steals Home, Texas 2022

Our countdown begins just last season when the Red Raiders faced off against the Longhorns at Dan Law Field. Kurt Wilson would walk off the Longhorns twice this weekend, but the stealing of home is hard to beat.

Dillon Carter stepped up to the plate with two on and two out in the bottom of the 10th. The hero of this story, Kurt Wilson, was on third, and Owen Washburn was on 2nd. Texas had closer Aaron Nixon on the bump. Nixon was the Longhorns’ best reliever last season, but his routine on the mound was a bit unconventional. While setting his feet, Nixon would stare at the ground for multiple seconds.

This allowed Kurt Wilson to steal home, and the rest is history.

Sources say Nixon is still staring at the mound in Lubbock to this day.

No. 4: “Once in Awhile A Pirate can Beat a Soldier”, Texas A&M 2006

The comeback, the quote, both legendary.

The undefeated Aggies kicked a field goal with just 2:12 left in the game to take a 27-24 lead. Everyone in College Station knew what was coming next.

Graham Harrell led the Red Raiders on a game-winning drive down the field, culminating in a 37-yard pass to Robert Johnson with 37 seconds left to win the game, downing the Aggies 31-27.

Mike Leach’s comments after the game cemented the “Pirate” side of his personality.

No. 3: Beard Returns to Lubbock, 2022

This game needs no introduction (But I’m going to write one anyways).

Former Coach Chris Beard and his ranked Texas Longhorns came into Lubbock for the first time after Beard left Lubbock. Students camped out, the town was on notice leading up to it. The environment in the United Supermarkets Arena was like no other. Many a slur was hurled at Beard, armed security had to escort him onto the court. The Longhorn coach was clearly rattled, and it showed in his team’s performance.

Beard said many times that he expected a warmer welcome in Lubbock.

That’s why he snuck to Plainview that April morning in 2021 right?

No. 2: Thomas INT Against Texas A&M, 1995

A Top-10 Texas A&M was in Lubbock against Spike Dykes, Zach Thomas, and the Red Raiders. Nothing could go wrong for the Fightin’ Texas Ags, right?

The game was tied at 7 late in the fourth quarter and the Aggies had the ball. The ball was thrown behind the Aggie receiver right into the hands of Thomas, who took the ball in for a score.

I wish they would bring those uniforms back.

No. 1: Harrell to Crabtree, 2008.

There’s not much to say here that hasn’t already been said somewhere else. This matchup was probably the biggest game in program history in terms of significance. The Red Raiders needed a drive down the field to win the game and that’s exactly what Graham Harrell gave them.

One of the best plays in College Football History coming at you!

Chills every time.

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