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What to Expect From Texas Tech Basketball’s New 7-Footer

Coach Beard and his staff added likely its last piece to the 2020 recruiting class with Vladislav Goldin. Goldin is a 7-footer from Putnam Science Academy, who spent most of his timing playing in Russia up until last year. I spoke with his Head Coach Thomas Espinosa about Goldin’s character, work ethic, and what Red Raider fans should expect from him. 

Talk about Vlad Goldin and why Tech fans should be excited.

“I can tell you this, I’ve had a lot of high major big Akok Akok, Russel Tchewa who was at Texas Tech, but he’s probably the best big-man I’ve ever coached. He is the most skilled, he’s all of 7’1. He is going to be extremely good. He can use both hands, he can shoot, he was our best free-throw shooter. Tremendous footwork, tremendous hands. I wouldn’t say he’s off the charts athletic, but he’s pretty athletic. He’s very bright, I can’t say enough from how talented he is. For me to say, he’s the best big-man I’ve ever had when I coached Osun Osunniyi at St. Bonaventure, whos breaking every record. He’s (Goldin) going to be so good. If I were a Red Raider fan, I’d be extremely excited for this guy.”

“He’s very tough when he came to PSA, his English was very low. For about half the year, it was very tough for him to understand what we were saying, but he was so smart he figured it out. I can’t tell you how bright the kid is, he’s everything the total package. He’s skilled, big, athletic, and smart. I wish we had him for one more year.”

CC: 247Sports

What kind of conversations did you have with him before he chose Tech?

“He always had a good relationship with Texas Tech, and they did a great job of recruiting him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t go on any visits. He had over 30 to 40 high-major schools ask ‘what’s this kids deal.’ It was pretty set that he was going to Texas Tech early on, we just couldn’t officially announce it.”

Talk about the connection Texas Tech has with PSA. (This will be 4th year in a row Tech has had a former PSA athlete)

“You know you build relationships, and that’s just how the business is. It’s not that we favor kids that go to Tech or Quinnipiac…. You just build relationships with coaches, and they trust what you are saying and your program. I think that is what we have had with Texas Tech. They like what we do, and we keep our word… We trust and believe in what they are doing, and their program is one of the best in the country.

What was your conversation like with coach Beard and his staff when recruiting Goldin?

“He was excited, we talked to his staff more than him. I told his assistant coaches that this kid is special. I thought Russel Tchewa was special, and I still think he’s going to be really good, but it didn’t work out at Tech. But this kid (Goldin) has a higher ceiling than Russel. It did take us long, my first workout with Goldin and I knew this kid was something special.” 

Coach Espinosa also said. “He’s a hard worker, never misses a practice, he’s touch, fight through injuries. He is smart, great footwork, great hands. I think he’s a pro. I think you will love this kid along with all the Red Raider fans. He’s a great kid and works his tail off. They are going to love this kid, I’m telling you.”

CC: PSAHoops

– Vlad averaged 10 pts and 6 rebounds per game.

– PSA finished 36-4 overall record and co-national champions.

– Finished ranked #2 in the country.

– Vlad becomes our 11th player to commit to a division 1 school from PSA.

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3 years ago

I thought Chewa looked good in spurts at Tech, but knew it could be a couple of years he would have made much impact on the floor. Vlad, though, looks quicker and more confident with the basketball in his hands. I look forward to seeing how Beard and staff develop Vlad.

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