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Potential Adds to Texas Tech 2020 Football Schedule

Who do you want Texas Tech to add to their schedule in 2020?

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The 2020 football season won’t look like any other in history. With conferences canceling fall sports or delaying them until the spring, there’s vast uncertainty in what this season will look like due to COVID-19. This vast uncertainty doesn’t exclude the Red Raiders as they’ve already lost their two non-conference home games this season against Alabama St and Arizona. With two open dates now on the schedule, AD Kirby Hocutt will look to at least fill one of them if not both. The options are limited, but here are the most likely options for Texas Tech to fill those two open dates.

First, we need to know the dates in which Texas Tech has open, those dates would be September 12th and the 19th. Now, we must look around the country and see what other schools have been affected and have open dates due to COVID 19. Here are the Power 5 or Group of 5 schools available broken down by each date as of today.

September 12th: Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Colorado State, BYU, Houston

September 19th: Pitt, San Diego State, Utah State, BYU, Texas A&M, Air Force, North Carolina

Looking at the schools provided above, the most logical addition to the schedule is Houston on September 12th. The travel would be within the state and there is already a relationship between both AD’s since the schools have played in the recent past.

Now I know what you’re thinking for September 19th, “well if Houston is in the state, it only makes sense to play A&M as well right?”. Well in that regard, yes, but in others not so much. Tech fans have wanted to play A&M since they left for the SEC, but that game doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon. If you’re looking at the situation from the Red Raider’s perspective, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose, that’s why A&M isn’t interested.

The most logical game for September 19th is that of Utah State. The connection between Matt Wells and Crew could help jump-start a potential home & home situation if the possibility arose. This would allow Texas Tech to still face solid competition and make some form of revenue while as it stands now, they won’t be making any.

Expect an announcement soon on the potential adds to the Texas Tech schedule as Kirby Hocutt has been adamant that football is a must for this athletic program. These are the percentages I would give for each day (the 12th & 19th) of which opponent Texas Tech would most likely play IF they can get a deal done and if they go non FCS schools.

*List will be updated when more info available*

September 12th:

Houston: 90%

Colorado State: 7%

BYU: 1%

Virginia Tech: 1%

Syracuse: 1%

September 19th:

Utah State: 90%

Air Force: 5%

BYU: 1.9%

Pitt: 1%

San Diego St: 1%

North Carolina: 1%

Texas A&M: .01% (so you’re saying there’s a chance!)

*Other potential schools Tech could play on days listed above*

New Mexico State


New Mexico

Who do you want to see added to Texas Tech’s 2020 Football Schedule?

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Jerry Greene
Jerry Greene
3 years ago

I think we should consider playing Liberty university in Lynchburg Virginia!!!

Brent Rice
Brent Rice
3 years ago

I would like to see us play BYU on Sept. 19th. Good measuring stick against a program often mentioned as one that wants to join the Big 12

Tim Seaman
Tim Seaman
3 years ago

Virginia Tech and Texas A&M, Tech should only play schools from other Power 5 conferences. I would rather see us fight and potentially lose to good competition than dominate an inferior opponent. Man up and be tough. Wreck’em Tech!

3 years ago

Syracuse and Pitt at both locations. Bring Raider Power closer to the East Coasgt.

Larry Pilkinton
Larry Pilkinton
3 years ago

I like the UH game, as they have played well lately and would draw a strong crowd, partly due to the fact they and Tech were once rivals in the SWC.
As for that second game on the 19th, why not pursue NC? Consider the interest going against a former UT Coach, Brown, would draw, not just in Lubbock but from down in Horn territory. That kind of attention could even interest the media. And wouldn’t It be great to beat ole Mack once more, especially if NC is ranked (a pretty good possibility)?

3 years ago

Proofread, people, proofread! Starting in the first sentence with an error is bad form. We can be better than this.

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