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Gen. Charles Q. Brown and Patrick Mahomes Named Among Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020

“From Here, It’s Possible” certainly rings true today

Photo CC: CBS Sports

“From Here, It’s Possible” certainly rings true today, as Texas Tech landed two notable Red Raiders on Time Magazine’s annual listing of the Most Influential People.  General Charles Q. Brown, Jr. was confirmed as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force in June by a unanimous 98-0 vote.  General Brown is a distinguished graduate of Texas Tech’s ROTC program and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech in 1984.  General Brown has been in service of this country ever since his time at Texas Tech and has steadily risen the ranks with a highly decorated career.  His appointment also marks a historic moment for our nation as the first African-American to lead a branch of the United States Military.  Texas Tech is extremely honored and proud to call General Charles Q. Brown one of its own, and the United States is fortunate to have a person of his caliber in one of its highest offices.

Patrick Mahomes II is a household name these days, but there was a time when he was just a little kid out there shagging baseballs for players such as Derek Jeter during his father’s time in the MLB.  Thus, it’s fitting that Jeter penned Mahomes’ section in the Time list, as Derek can beat pretty much anyone not sharing Patrick’s last name in the “I knew him when” game.  It has to be a tad surreal to have seen Pat come full-circle from that kid in the outfield to now arguably the preeminent athlete on the planet, but game recognizes game.  What Mahomes continues to do on the field is must-see entertainment as his prowess there is undeniable, but more importantly, Patrick is emerging as a key leader beyond the confines of his sport.  It’s unfortunately rare that superstars in any realm are quality people outside of what they’re famous for, but Mahomes thus far has been a worthy role model as both an athlete and a person.  As the face of the NFL and now much more, Patrick continues to be a tremendous representative of Texas Tech University and a positive force for growth in our nation.

Read their Time excerpts here:

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