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Opposition Report: Game 3 – Kansas State

The Red Raiders are set to invade the Little Apple in search of their first Big 12 win.

Photo CC: Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE(Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE – US PRESSWIRE)

Week three in the COVID-season has brought another possible nervous-breakdown game with Kansas St. in Manhattan. Lets review the current state of affairs – HBU was a should-have-lost game and the Longhorns got it because they knew how to close. And here come the Wildcats with that old toughness. Doesn’t get much better than a W in Norman last week. Fresh off their victory, will they have the same fervor? How can Tech continue to demonstrate that what was seen vs the Longhorns is a further step in team continuity? The questions still remain for Tech, but Wells knows that it’s not impossible. Tech has lost eight of the last nine though, including the last four straight.

Here’s what you can expect to see in Manhattan on Saturday –

Skylar Thompson has taken the next step in maturity with his performance in Norman. His 334 yards passing and three TDs on the ground will test Tech’s defense right off the back. Do not be surprised if the first touchdown of the game is a Skylar Thompson run play. As Skylar Thompson goes, so go the Wildcats. He’s going 300+ (passing, running). Keeping him under that would be an accomplishment for Tech’s defense.

K-State has a super freshman in Texas Cedar Ridge’s Deuce Vaughn. If you don’t know him, keep your eyes on him the whole game. He’s your traditional lightning-fast, scat-style runner of the Snyder age. Think of Vaughn as a hard-to-tackle ping pong ball with excellent speed. What makes him a weapon is his ability to line up all over the field. His 129 receiving last week is a warning for Tech. Bet you see Vaughn in a specialized reverse or two.

Other than Vaughn, Chibastin Taylor has developed into a favorite Thompson target. Look for him to have an even bigger game with Thompson and Vaughn getting a lot of attention. Unless Tech’s secondary continues to make strides, he’ll likely be 100+.

K-State’s defense still brings that stingy defensive style, and they’re still picking off passers and making big plays. Their three interceptions off Spencer Rattler last week doesn’t bode well for Alan Bowman.

K-State has some ballhawks, but they know they have a difficult time matching up with TJ Vasher. Look for the matchups with Vasher to be very entertaining. The double team will create space for others, and Vasher will get his passes, especially at the goalline.

The matchup in Manhattan should be fun. With both teams, you just don’t know what you are going to get. Both teams have a lot to prove, played horribly to open the season vs sub-level teams, only to play lights out in the next game. Break out the popcorn, if this game continues how the season is going, this one should be a lot of fun in the Little Apple.

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