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#24 OU at Texas Tech Game Thoughts

Raiders get handled, Offense and Defense in need of shock to system

Photo CC: Texas Tech Athletic Department

So how has the beginning of your week been?? Work with any Sooners? Well, I sure do. This year they haven’t been their usual explosive-selves that I have come to now. This time, they just felt sorry for me. Even during the game, a coworker texted me that our bet was off because Tech looked so bad. This is the first time in my betting history that I had the winner call it off midway, feeling sorry for me. Instead of accepting his gesture, I gladly changed my Facebook profile to a sooner for a week. I know too well how much I would have loved seeing that Tech flag on his profile. This season, those are dreams.

vs OU 

Lincoln Riley lifting the suspensions of Rhamondre Stevenson and Ronnie Perkins was a major boost for the Sooners. Tech clearly wasn’t prepared for it. 

Stevenson at 6’0, 246 definitely wasn’t rusty, bullying the Tech defense for 87 yards and 3 TD’s, averaging 6.7 yards a carry. With Stevenson back, along with TJ Pledger and Seth McGowan,  the Sooners have one of the best stables of backs in the country. 

With DE Ronnie Perkins coming back, the Sooners pass-rushing instantly improved, especially with backup DE Isaiah Thomas’s strong play as of late. Together they posted 6 solo tackles, 1.5 sacks, 3.5 TFL, and one QB hurry. The athleticism on the defensive line overly favored OU.

Yost’s seat is RED HOT

3rd down efficiency – Going 4 of 11 vs OU at home won’t win you any fans. The lack of performance continues to kick open the scars from the (0 for 10) ISU and HBU performances. 

The play calling has been very questionable all season. Even in Ames a few weeks ago, many were scratching their heads

The frustration with Yost is growing stronger by the week. 

Colombi progress 

I know what some of you Red Raider fans were thinking when the sideline cameras were showing Bowman and Colombi talking. Well, get it out of your system now, because Colombi is going to remain the starter for the season.

What Colombi had vs the Sooners in defensive support was a far cry from the support he received vs West Virginia. Moving forward from OU to TCU, Colombi needs the defense to step up and create turnovers. Expecting Colombi to orchestrate whole field drives on the repetitive is wishful thinking.

RB by Committee 

With Chadarius Townsend leading the backfield with 68 yards, 1 TD, and averaging 11.3 ypc vs the Sooners, you have to think that he’s going to get more touches moving forward. Townsend’s intro is very similar to Taj Brooks’.

Both Townsend and Brooks deserve to carry the load along SaRodorick Thompson moving forward. If I was OC Yost, I would have a heavy rotation. Especially since all three running backs have excellent receiving skills.

Zech McPhearson is Mid-Season Defensive MVP

If anyone deserves accolades on the defensive side, it’s Zach McPhearson. The senior has returned a FG block and a fumble for touchdowns in back to back games (ISU & WV), along with totaling 34 tackles, 3 pds, 1 int, 2 fr for the season. The tough DB also leads the team with 30 solo tackles. 

McPhearson needs to take a step forward and become the vocal leader of the defense. I’m sure Keith Patterson and Raider fans wouldn’t mind.

The Vasher Tango 

One of the biggest elephants in the room is WR TJ Vasher’s lack of use. The Senior has suited out, played, but been extremely limited and has had close to zero production as of late. So far there has not been anything concrete said as to why he has been kept out of the offense. Starting the season as a possible All-Big12 candidate, the loss of Vasher as a weapon for the Colombi is more than noticeable.

The Take

The flame went from mid-range heat to full flame pretty quick for Yost. Wonder if he lets the fire continue to burn? Cue Glenn Frey’s song…because the heat is on……

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