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Game Thoughts: Red Raiders Lose to TCU

The Red Raiders offensive play calling and decision making plague them yet again

Photo CC: (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

If you were on social media yesterday, the fan reaction wasn’t pretty. The garbage emoji pretty much describes how many felt while watching Saturday‘s game.  

Want to know how bad it’s getting? Take a look at third downs. While the Tech defense did make stops and created turnovers, the offense and Colombi just couldn’t get it going. Going 3 of 16 vs the Horned Frogs on third down is continued 2020 deja vu.  

The Good (Yes, there is….)

Zech McPhearson continues to create plays and demonstrates that he is a first-team All-Big 12 candidate. McPhearson furthers his stats vs TCU with five tackles, one int, and a pass deflection. The Senior is making the best of his 2020 season and is the shining gem of the defense. 

Sophomore Erik Ezukanma deserves way more respect. The receiver consistently produces and should get some sort of All-Big12 consideration. He’s averaged 60+ yards in four of the five games this year (490 total), including TCU. Even though Ezukanma hasn’t reached 100 yards a game so far this season, if he continues to progress, that will change. Getting 800-900 yards receiving isn’t out of the question. 

FR Ja’Lynn Polk comes in with back-to-back weeks with a touchdown.  

Look for him to get even more reps next week vs Baylor. 

JR-DB Adam Beck came through in a big way with 4 tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble. The transfer from Minnesota (Richmond, TX native) had his first big game of the season. Beck should see more playtime as well vs Baylor.

Even without defensive linemen Eli Howard, Tony Bradford, and Nick McCann, the defense did not let up – 

The Very Bad

If you somehow didn’t know how bad third downs have been, let me refresh your memory about the last four games – 

Iowa State (0-10)

Oklahoma (4-11)

West Virginia (8-16)

TCU (3-16)

28% over the last four games is atrocious. Yost wakes up today with his seat on fire.

The TJ Vasher tease needs to stop. Either play him or don’t. With his talent, 2 catches for 22 yards vs TCU is just awful. The cat needs to come out of the bag as to why the WR has been used so sparingly. The longer this continues, the worse the situation more than likely is. With three games left, it feels like it might be time to tell the WR goodbye. 

The BAD Bad

Colombi was sacked five times vs the Horned Frogs. If this escalates, the chances of Colombi getting injured skyrockets. No need to further explain how bad this could turn out.

Like Yost, Coach Matt Wells’ seat temp is now glowing red. The decision to bring on Trey Wolff for an FG on a second down still has everyone scratching their heads. The proof is in the pudding – the kick sailed wide. The problem with the kick as it wasn’t a guarantee by any means. Wolff did not have the percentage from that distance (39) for Wells to make that call. Regardless, Coach Wells wakes up today wondering about what he could have done better. Because that’s what coaches are supposed to do. 

Here’s Coach Wells’ explanation of the FG call. You be the judge – 

Not too good of an explanation in my view. He even admits that Wolff hasn’t been hitting from that range. 

The HBU reminder

Yes, you need to keep this game on your mind. The Wells/Yost continued debacle on offense makes the HBU game look even worse. Tech could/should be 1-6.

Player Arrested

Ahhh yes, it seems to get worse. Early Sunday morning JR- LB Brandon Bouyer-Randle was taken into custody on felony evading arrest. The Michigan State transfer has been in the LB rotation, posting 31 tackles and one sack for the season (including 2 tackles vs TCU). Bouyer-Randle was arrested while using a watercraft. Further details are still not available. 

The Take

Wells knows he’s sitting on a volcano, not a seat. The problem is the offense continues to sputter with beyond bad play calling. With Yost’s horrendous 28% on third downs over the last four, Wells needs to make a change now. Wells’ job is at stake. Or, it could be already too late. 

I only have one question – Is the Tech administration prepared to pay Wells’ buyout?

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