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Texas Tech Projected as a Top 16 Seed

With just seven regular season games remaining, Texas Tech is well on their way to being guaranteed a higher seed in the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament in March. Coming in at the 14th overall spot, the Red Raiders would be a four seed if the tournament started today. The three teams ahead of them in their region would be Ohio State, Villanova, and Virginia, respectively. The Big 12 continues to garner well deserved respect from the NCAA with five of the top 16 teams released today belonging to the conference. Following closely behind is the Big 10 with four of their own squads making the cut. Big 12 teams ahead of the Red Raiders in the bracket are Baylor (1), Oklahoma (3) & West Virginia (3), with Texas coming in at 15th overall, one spot behind Tech. 

With games still to be played against Baylor and Texas, some of the highest seeding implications will come with the results of those contests. OU is currently a three seed ahead of the Red Raiders despite being swept by them in two games this year. Should the Sooners and Tech end up jockeying the same seed line in March, Tech would likely get the bump over them because of the head-to-head record. As it stands, a three seed seems to be the highest possible ranking attainable for Tech barring an undefeated end to the year. A six seed being the floor should anything catastrophic happen from here on out. 

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