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Patrick Mahomes Restructures Record-Breaking Deal to Free 17 Million in Cap Space

Photo CC: Jay Biggerstaff, USA Today Sports

Anything you can do, I can do better. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have restructured his contract just days after Tom Brady did the same thing in Tampa Bay. Both moves are to make their teams better and to get to more Super Bowls.

Mahomes just recently signed his other record-breaking deal in the summer of 2020. This came months after winning his first Super Bowl. Part of the cap space committed to Mahomes for the 2021-2022 season will now be paid as a signing bonus. This move will save the Chiefs over 17 Million Dollars in Cap Space.

The Chiefs need as much Cap Space as possible if they hope to contend with Tampa Bay this season. The Buccaneers have already re-signed linebacker Lavonte David and placed the franchise tag on speedy wideout Chris Godwin. The Chiefs have released both starting tackles in the past 48 hours so offensive line is most likely a need for them.

What do you think of Mahomes move for his team? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to follow us on Social Media @gunsupnation!

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3 years ago

Smart thing to do for Patrick. Brady has been doing this a while, even in New England. Both know the value of having a top-flight supporting cast. Helping the team to add cap space puts them in the best position to keep adding upper-level talent as KC found out this past season, they must keep Patrick healthy. Kudos to Patrick!

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