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Guns Up Nation Interview With Trinity Christian Guard and Texas Tech Commit Ethan Duncan

Photo CC: John Moore/ AJ Media

Our very own Jacob Harris sat down with the newest Texas Tech Red Raider Ethan Duncan and asked him a few questions about his recruitment and commitment to Texas Tech.

Question: What was your recruiting like going into this past season? What led you to commit to Texas Tech?

Duncan: ” At the beginning of the year, I got some calls from coaches across the country that were interested in me. I’ve talked to Texas Tech for quite awhile now and Coach Adams has been recruiting me since the beginning of my high school career. I was very fortunate to start that relationship. I knew Coach Beard too, I actually had called to commit to him before he left for Texas so I was kind of between those two schools. I developed a really good relationship with Coach Sean Sutton and Coach Adams and that led to my commitment to Tech.

Question: So was Adams your main Recruiter? It appears that you guys had a relationship going back to the beginning of your high school career?

Duncan: “Yes sir, I would say Coach Adams. Coach Sutton was not very far off. They were both very consistent in contacting me and keeping in touch.”

Question: You did play for Coach Sutton’s son this season didn’t you?

Duncan: “Yes sir, there was a cool connection there too. Coach Adams had been reaching out every day and if it wasn’t him, it was Coach Sutton. Those two coaches are people I really respect and want to play for and it made the decision easy.”

Question: What other schools were you looking at? You mentioned Texas earlier, what other schools were looking at you?

Duncan: “Yes, I had some interest from Lipscomb, Davidson, Tennessee, and North Carolina.”

Question: What skills do you bring to the table as a basketball player?

Duncan: I think the two things I’m the best at are shooting and ball handling. I’m a confident playmaker, I have a very high IQ, and what I’ll bring to the team is a leadership by example. I’m ready to come in and play whatever role Coach Adams and staff has for me. I can really contribute as a vocal leader as well. I think I can set a good example and keep the standard that Texas Tech, Coach Adams, and Coach Sutton have had for many years now.

Fan Questions:

Question: Are you keeping the hair?

Duncan: “I’m gonna keep it. Avery Benson has set a great example for me, I think I’ll keep it long but not that long.”

Question: Have you made any specific bonds with current players or other incoming recruits.

Duncan: “Yes, I have talked with KJ Allen some and that was the first connection I made. I also have worked out with Clarence (Nadonly) over the summer. I’ve met McCullar, I haven’t really talked to Santos-Silva. I’ve also talked to Agbo. I’ve just seen over the summer and talking to these guys how hardworking they are. They are really a good group of hardworking guys to be around.”

Question: Who do you think you model your game after? What kind of famous college players or NBA players do you look at?

Duncan: “College wise, I look at Phil Forte he had a great college career. We’re similar size, he was aggressive, hardworking, high motor guy and could shoot the rock. He was also very smart with his IQ. For the NBA, I look at Trae Young. We have a lot in common as well. He’s one of the shorter players in the league but he’s definitely one of the most skilled and can shoot from anywhere on the court, can handle the ball, and he’s a great passer and leader on the floor. He can facilitate and is a great teammate.”

That is all I had for Ethan Duncan! He is a very respectful and likeable person. We are all looking forward to him coming onto campus and making an impact for the Texas Tech Red Raiders next season!

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