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Adonis Arms brings Athleticism and Efficiency to This Team

Photo CC: Reema Patel

The Red Raiders picked up an athletic beast this weekend in Adonis Arms. His journey has included Junior College, Division II, and a Mid-Major stop. He was the second-leading scorer on an NCAA Tournament team while only averaging 17 minutes a ball game. He has an exciting personality as well, as we interviewed him last week!

Arms’ game has a bit of Manu Ginobili to it. He’s not a minutes eater like others on this team will be. He’s highly effective in the time he is on the court. Last season, he averaged 10.6 points on great shooting numbers in only 17 minutes per game. In his junior college season, he averaged eight points per game in only ten minutes per game. His breakout season came in 2018-2019 when he averaged 20.6 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game at Division II Northern Nazarene.

Offensively, Arms is incredibly gifted at a three-point shooter and someone who can get to the rim. Watching his film, he can break down guys off the dribble and use his size and athleticism to get to the rim and finish. He showed flashes of catch-and-shoot ability as well. He shot 35% from behind the arc last season and averaged 3.3 attempts last season.

Arms can also get up and down the floor as many of his highlights include fast breaks. He is intelligent when it comes to running the point on the fast break. Many times, he blows by a defender or two to set up a teammate for a wide-open dunk or three-pointer. His athleticism helps him with this.

Defensively, Arms uses his athleticism to disrupt passing lanes and contest shots. He averaged nearly one steal per game and uses his length to cause havoc for his opponents. He is a good on-ball defender as well and his size offers some versatility. I can envision Arms defending a smaller power forward or even a point guard.

I’ve mentioned Arms’ athleticism a bunch in this article but it is the truth. He was able to create for himself and his teammates because of his abilities. Not only does he have a 42-inch vertical, but he’s also added nearly 20 pounds of muscle this offseason. He will be a welcome addition to this team and program!

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