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Hitter of the Week: Cal Conley

Photo CC: Texas Tech Athletics

Pitches=Smashed. Records=Broken. Series= Clinched.

I’m not quite sure if I’m back in 2013 watching another Kent Murphy Dinger Derby or if the Monstars have successfully entered the collegiate baseball scene.

By any means, Texas Tech was elite from behind the plate, and as a result, they pulled in one of their best hitting performances in Red Raider Baseball history after hitting 12 bombs in a three-game series (best in program history since 2001).

Simply stated, Texas Tech is pretty good at this whole hitting a round ball with a round bat business, and as we approach the end of the regular season, there isn’t much more that Coach Tadlock could ask for from his lineup.

36 runs, 12 homers, and a series win on the road in Norman tend to generate a lot of competition for our hitter of the week, and this week is no exception.

Four players recorded two home runs this series (Jace Jung, Cole Stilwell, Braxton Fulford, and Cal Conley), two of which recorded a three home run series with Jace Jung and Cal Conley.

One player however, was able to edge their way past the rest. That player is none other than Freshman Shortstop, Cal Conley.

In three games against Oklahoma, Conley was able to record three home runs on five hits and eight RBIs. All of which led the Red Raiders this weekend.

Conley’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has been recognized on a regional and even a national scale.

On Monday, he was awarded by the Big 12 their Newcomer of the Week award for his performance.

Yesterday, he was named a Brooks Wallace Award Semifinalist, which recognizes the best shortstop in the nation.

The Brooks Wallace award was named after former Red Raider shortstop, Brooks Wallace, who played the position for the Red Raiders from 1977-1980.

Cal Conley would be the first Red Raider to win the award since its inception in 2004 and would be the second Freshman to win the award in its history. The other Freshman that won it, Alex Bregman. Not exactly the worst company to be in.

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