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Daniel Batcho Brings Length and Size to the Red Raiders

Last Week, Mark Adams and staff got a commitment from former 4-star recruit and Arizona transfer 6’11 Forward Daniel Batcho.

Photo CC: FIBA

Red Raider fans finally got the big man they were hoping for. Batcho was the highest rated international big man attending college in the class of 2020, according to ESPN. Batcho sat out his freshman year due to injury. Coming into next season he will have four years of eligibility remaining.

Despite his huge height, Batcho can certainly make his way up and down the court and run. In transition, he has the speed and athleticism to be a factor to make some highlight plays.

His height will certainly come in handy when it comes to rebounding, defensively and offensively, which will help the Red Raiders earn more second chance opportunities. In the Big 12, you need big men who can defend the paint and block shots, and that is what Batcho brings to Tech.

Batcho has good footwork when fed the ball down low. He knows how to maneuver around defenses and get to the basket. If Adams and his staff can polish his skills up, he will be a force to reckon with in years to come.

Batcho is an impressive young prospect with plenty of room to improve and grow. Red Raider fans should be excited for him to join the team and get to Lubbock. Adams and his staff have made a big splash again, which will only hype up this team even more going into the season.

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3 years ago

Batcho certainly has the talent to do great things for Texas Tech. All he needs is a bit of coaching to get him at the college level and time to learn the system. He’s going to be a great one.

Robby R.
Robby R.
2 years ago

We need an intimidator/rebounder/shot blocker MORE right now than a scorer. I’ve seen some vids-seems to have good footwork, too-which is hard to teach & master as a big guy.. (I am a retired HS Coach)
With the scoring wings & guards, and a new offensive philosophy, I hope Batcho’s brings not only his offensive skills, but an ability to get “mean” inside, and like MSS, the ability on our missed shots, to tap the ball back to our guards, as MSS does so well.
A great system for say MSS and Batcho’s is to work DILIGENTLY at the high/low—it’s the best with a tall down low and a distributor like MSS on the free throw line.

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