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Guns Up Nation Interview with Hutchinson CC Offensive Tackle Kingsley Ugwu

Photo CC: 247 Sports

Managing Editor Jacob Harris recently sat down with Hutchinson CC Offensive Tackle and Texas Tech Target Kingsley Ugwu to talk about his recruitment, and Texas Tech!

Question: What has your life been like with COVID over the past few months?

Ugwu: It’s kind of been a struggle not so much in a social way. It’s put a lot of complications on things lately you know but every time we do something we have to get tested temperatures checked and but for the most part it’s been all right.

Question: Do you plan on taking any visits this summer before you commit to a school?

Ugwu: Right now I don’t plan on it. I think I just kind of have to jump in and go for it. I’ll probably take a virtual visit but nothing in person.

Question: What is your favorite part of recruiting so far?

Ugwu: It’s just the feeling I get from it. It’s kind of cool to feel that somebody has faith in me and my abilities.

Question: Who at Texas Tech have you been in contact with the most?

Ugwu: Offensive Line Coach Steve Farmer.

Question: What about Texas Tech has stood out to you so far?

Ugwu: I think a lot of it is they’re all you know they’re a big Power 5 school. Personally for me, they have my major which sets a lot of schools apart just because they have an architecture major. They’re very welcoming and I really appreciate that.

Question: What other schools have you been have you been talking to?

Ugwu: I’ve been talking to Baylor, Utah State, I was talking to Colorado earlier this semester. All the schools I just listened have offered. Now it’s really just come down to Texas Tech.

Question: What would you say you’re looking for in a program?

Ugwu: A chance to play and a chance to win. i know it’s something I have to work towards but you know somewhere that has potential to to win but more so just a chance to play.

Question: What would you say your biggest attribute is on the field?

Ugwu: I think I bring a lot of physicality and a lot of energy. I’ve noticed at times you know if I work upfield and hit somebody you know we all kind of start to feed off of that.

Harris: So that’s all I had on the football side here are a few fun questions:

Question: Who’s your favorite superhero and why?

Ugwu: I’ll just go with Iron Man. He doesn’t have any direct power it’s all up in his mind. All the cool things he does he created himself.

Question: If you could have one super power what would it be?

Ugwu: Shape-Shifting for sure!

Question: If you were stuck on a desert island what are three things you would bring with you?

Ugwu: A way back to get off the island, probably a phone, and something to cook with.

Question: What is your biggest fear?

Ugwu: Failing.

Question: What is one hobby you have off the football field?

Ugwu: Adventuring. I like to explore places.

Question: What’s your what’s your favorite food?

Ugwu: Chicken Wings!

We want to thank Kingsley Ugwu for his time! Let’s hope he commits to Texas Tech in the future! Guns Up Kingsley!

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