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Can Texas Tech Recruit KJ Lewis? Will Terrence Shannon be Back? This and More in the Guns Up Nation Mailbag!

Welcome to the Guns Up Nation Mailbag! Every week, one of our staff members will be taking your questions and answer them one by one! This week our mail bagger is none other than Managing Editor Jacob Harris!

A big question right off the bat! I heard directly from a source near Shannon that Texas Tech has about a 50/50 chance of getting him back. Shannon will go through the NBA Combine and make his decision after getting feedback from NBA Scouts!

With the current guys on this roster, I could see anywhere from a first weekend exit to an Elite Eight run. If we can get Shannon back, watch out, this could be a Final Four team. Any additions whether that be Bryson Williams, Kevin Samuels, or anyone we don’t know about yet could propel this team further.

It’s been awhile since I’ve touched base with KJ. We did an interview with him after he was offered by Texas Tech and he was very impressed with Coach Adams. I think Texas Tech has a shot at him no doubt, but let’s wait a year to see how big of a shot the Red Raider have.

I think this team has more depth on the pitching staff than Stanford and has better hitting against better competition this season. Let’s give the Red Raiders a 59% chance of winning the series and going to Omaha!

I think Neuse is done for the season. His back injury required surgery from what I remember and I think he’s focused on either the MLB Draft or coming back for another season in Lubbock!

I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t foresee Texas A&M giving Schlossnagle that much leeway with the schedule in year one but if he wins them some playoff games and wants to play Tech, we’ll see.

I think the concern from some fans is mostly overblown, especially with the emergence of the transfer portal. Why take two to three years to develop a player when you can take a ready-to-go player from the portal? There will most definitely be some Class of ’22 guys committing to Tech soon, especially with recruiting opening back up!

No. I’m bigger on Texas Tech football than most years. This team has experience and talent all over this roster. Do I think they’ll set the world on fire? No, but I don’t think it’s crazy to expect 6-7 wins from this season this season. If they don’t make it, I believe Hocutt moves on from Wells.

Thank you all for submitting your questions! Be sure to follow Jacob on Twitter @jacobharris_55! Guns Up!

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Robert Powell
Robert Powell
2 years ago

With all due respect, no program can build it’s team strictly off transfers. Wells has to be able to get good HS recruits (which he has been doing) and develop them. Transfers may be ‘more ready’ to play, and they’ve had their one free transfer, but too many and we’ll wind up like Kansas when Weiss leaned too heavily on JUCO guys and wound up screwing over the program. 5-8 transfers a year should be the max, IMO. At any rate, good mailbag!

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