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Guns Up Nation Interview with ’24 Quarterback Mabrey Mettauer

Photo CC: 247 Sports

Managing Editor Jacob Harris recently sat down with Class of 2024 and recent Texas Tech Offeree Mabrey Mettauer to talk about his recruitment and offer from Texas Tech. Their conversation is below!

Question: Describe your recruitment to me!

Mettauer: I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and thankful for those schools that have faith in me for my future.

Question: What does an offer from Texas Tech mean to you?

Mettauer: My first offer from my home state means so much to me.

Question: What about the Texas Tech Coaching Staff has stood out to you?

Mettauer: How they had the ability to groom such an amazing quarterback (Patrick Mahomes). I want to be a part of a program that can develop my skills

Question: Who is your main contact at Texas Tech?

Mettauer: Sonny Cumbie

Question: What is your relationship like with that Coach?

Mettauer: I’ve just met both coaches recently after they gave me an offer. I’m looking forward to growing a great relationship with them. I’m very excited about my Texas tech offer.

Question: Do you plan on taking a visit to Texas Tech? If so, when?

Mettauer: Yes I’m looking forward to that visit In the fall.

Question: What is your biggest attribute on the field?

Mettauer: Leadership! I set goals every year and place them on my mirror. I work daily to achieve them so I can cross them off and add others to the list!

Question: What is one thing you’re working on this summer to improve your game?

Mettauer: I’m working on my footwork and tightening up my stride.

Question: What are you looking for in a college program?

Mettauer: A program that will develop my skill set to its fullest and where I have potential to lead my team as the signal caller the earliest along with a great education.

Question: Who is your biggest mentor?

Mettauer: My brother. Mckade has taught me how to put the work in to achieve my goals. I’m from a family of very focused, hard working people.

Question: Is there anything else you want Red Raider Nation to know about you?

Mettauer: I started playing tackle football in the 2nd grade. I wanted to be a QB but My brother and I were always so big they put us as offensive & defensive lineman and linebackers. I always had this desire to be a Quarterback so I could control the game, but in little league i was always too heavy to touch the ball.

In 7th grade, I started getting taller and thinner and they put me at receiver. During basketball season the 8th grade quarterbacks coach saw me playing and said “you have great feet.. can you throw the ball?”. Starting 8 grade I was about 6’3 and finally got my chance to play quarterback although I shared the position. My friend threw the ball and I ran the ball almost every time!

I had a very successful year but did not get out of it what I needed to play QB in high school. COVID came in March of my 8th-grade year. My brother and sister came home from college and we all quarantined together. Luckily I had my brother, who is starting right guard at Cal, home to be my built-in receiver. He got really good at running routes & I got very good at throwing the ball. My brother & my quarterback coach threw with me almost every day during quarantine, but I still didn’t have much game time experience. I had a goal list for the summer snd I worked very hard to reach all of them!

Guns Up Nation thanks Mabrey for his time and effort with this interview! Guns Up!

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2 years ago

Wow! Such amazing dedication! I really hope that the next two seasons will be ones where he can be allowed to develop his QB skills. Maybe after this coming season, we can get to see some video of his work behind center.

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