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Will Wells Be Let Go After This Season? What Are The Best Uniform Combos? This and More in the Guns Up Nation Mailbag!

Welcome to the Guns Up Nation Mailbag! Every week, one of our staff members will be taking your questions and answer them one by one! This week our mail bagger is none other than Content Writer Chaz Wright.

I think there are many great uniform combinations and great helmets over the years that Tech uses and has used. If I had to pick my top 5 for uniform combos and helmets, they would be:

5. The Red/Red/Red Combo: I love the all-red combos; I think the helmets are clean and fresh that it just looks so good!

Photo CC: Derrick Spencer

4. The “Lone Star Pride” themed combination: Whenever Tech whipped these out against Texas a few years ago, I thought they were so unique, and i love the fact it pays tribute to the Texas flag.

CC: USA Today

3. The All Whites: I mean, come on, how can you not like the all-whites and look at them and say they are not one of the cleanest and best all-white combos in the country!

CC: Daily Toreador

2. The 1970s Throwback Uniform combo: I love when Tech whips out this uniform combo because I love the jersey throwbacks along with the throwback helmets with that Double T.

CC: Dallas Morning News
  1. The All-Black Combination: Something about the all black uniform combo under the lights at the Jones on a Saturday night just gives me goosebumps and gets me hyped and excited, because it’s scary and good looking.
CC: Derrick Spencer

In my opinion, these are my favorite uniform combinations and helmets, and I think a lot of Tech fans would agree with me and say that Tech has one of the best uniform diversity when it comes to options.

We can not say for sure that Wells will have a losing record again. I think fans have lost faith in him too early and forget that he hasn’t been able to build his own team with his own recruits, and this will be the first year we actually get to see that. I think it could be a make-or-break year, but I believe this will be his most successful season so far because he has brought in his recruits, high-quality transfers, and has put together a very talented team to compete for a Big 12 Championship.

Thank you for submitting your questions! Be sure to follow Chaz on Twitter @Thewrightman55! Guns Up!

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