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Player Comparisons: Tyler Shough

Photo CC: Oregon University Athletics

The player I have chosen to compare to Tyler Shough is Former L.A. Rams’ and new Detroit Lions Quarterback Jared Goff…….and not just because of their natural blonde hair.

I think Shough and Goff match up very nicely with each other in their build and their skillset on the field. Goff stands at 6’4 and 222lbs, while Shough is 6’5 and 219lbs. I think they both have good tools that make them similar in their style of play.

Goff has had successful seasons in the league because he is a big quarterback with an outstanding pocket presence. Watching Shough, I see the same thing in his time at Oregon, and hopefully, he will bring it to Texas Tech. Especially in the Big 12, Shough will need to have that feel and pocket presence to succeed with all the talent across the conference at the pass rusher position. They both have the skillset to step up in the pocket, avoid the pressure and deliver dimes down the field.

Goff and Shough both have great footwork when moving around in the pocket. They are both athletic and agile enough to use their legs to scramble around and find extra time to get the ball down the field. Both of these guys can set their feet really quick when going through their progressions to deliver superb passes. They both have the arm strength to connect on those deeps balls, which in the Big 12 and the high-powered offenses, Shough will deliver in big-time situations if need be.

The last thing that stands out to me about both of them is how they can take the pressure and the hits in the pocket and stand in and deliver big throws despite the chances of being hit. At 6’4-6’5, both of these guys have the height to look over the defenders when that occurs and deliver strikes downfield. It goes to show you want a quarterback back there who is not afraid to get hit and can make big-time throws during those plays.

So, Texas Tech fans should be excited to see Shough play in Lubbock this fall under new offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie and see how he can develop into a top-tier quarterback in college football. You will see a guy who can deliver deep ball passes, stand in the pocket and deliver throws while being hit, an athletic guy who can move around and use his legs when needed. The Big 12 defenses better watch out because Shough is here, and he is here to stay and deliver big performances and transform them into wins!

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