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Defensive Grades: Florida International

Photo CC: Brad Tollefson, AP

I believe our defense has absolutely shown out this season so far. Even though we are only three games in, if our defense can continue on the huge stops, breaking up passes, and getting Pick-6’s, I could see our defense being one of the top in the Big 12.

Defensive Line: A

I would’ve given the defensive line an A+, but simply had to go down to a solid A just because of the rocky start in the beginning few plays.

After shaking off a few rough plays, the Texas Tech defensive line quickly got into a rhythm and began shutting down mostly all of the plays that FIU tried to produce. The defensive line held FIU to only 55 yards and if they continue to hold other teams to yards like that we could see way more of an outcome than most think.

Linebackers: A+

Our linebackers have shown the brightest for Texas Tech defense in my opinion. Colin Schooler, Jesiah Pierre, and Brandon Bouyer-Randle, all had four tackles total, making huge stops on defense.

We saw some action as well from Riko Jeffers, with 3 tackles, and a huge pass breakup almost resulting in another pick 6 for Jeffers for the season. Krishon Merriweather also had two of his own solo tackles for the night. All of our experienced linebackers seem to be very ready for this season across the board. They bring a lot of energy on the field as well which gets the whole team fired up.

Secondary: A

The secondaries were really close to getting a solid A+ as well, but I had to go down to a solid A. Our secondaries were on fire Saturday night, and like the rest of the defense they were fighting hard.

One of the highlights of the night was the Pick-6, 71 yard interception touchdown, by Marquis Waters. This to me solidified their A grade. There wasn’t much momentum from either side of the Texas Tech football team and after this play by Waters, the Red Raiders sprung into action.

I gave them an A though, instead of an A+, simply because they gave up a long 69 yard touchdown early on in the second quarter, allowing FIU running back, EJ Wilson to slide past both the corner and safety for a touchdown. Also, late in the third quarter, two defensive backs looked to almost get stuck or confused crossing routes, allowing for FIU, wide receiver Jefferson, to have an easy walk into the end zone for a touchdown.

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