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The Genius Behind the Hiring of Joey McGuire Lies in Recruiting

Photo CC: John Moore/ AP

The hiring of Joey McGuire united the fan base in more ways than even the search committee could have foreseen. Since then, the Red Raiders have looked different on the football field, even upsetting the Iowa State Cyclones.

The real genius in allowing McGuire roughly a month to get used to the job and recruit is now coming to the forefront. The football program has in just over two weeks has recruited multiple prospects to help form the foundation for the best recruiting classes in recent memory for the Red Raiders.

It’s very exciting to see McGuire have much more recruiting success in his first two weeks than Matt Wells had in his entire three-year stint in Lubbock. He’s gained five Class of 2022 recruits and three Class of 2023 recruits in just under two weeks. Texas Tech now garners a Top-50 Class of 2022 recruiting class and the No. 11 Recruiting Class of 2023, according to 247 Sports. These are both better than any of Matt Wells’ recruiting classes that topped out at No. 48 with his Class of 2020.

Giving the best recruiter in the state a whole month to do nothing but recruit will haunt the rest of the conference for years to come. McGuire hasn’t just focused on the recruiting classes of 2022 and 2023 but has even recently offered many Class of 2025 recruits.

He’s not only focusing on recruiting, but he wants to heavily recruit the state of Texas, something McGuire has done with tremendous efficiency. All eight of his commitments over the past two weeks are from Texas High Schools. Most of them come from either state powerhouses such as Cedar Hill, where McGuire coached for over a decade, or from West Texas schools such as Post and Amarillo.

McGuire has begun doing in two weeks what Matt Wells failed to do in three years on the recruiting trail. He’s effectively recruiting Texas, united the fan base, and has Tech fans’ hope higher than it’s been in many years.

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Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez
2 years ago

I’m a believer now! This is our guy keeping great talent on the South Plains in stead of centex and etex WRECKEM FOR LIFE!

2 years ago

I am excited to see the success Coach McGuire has had/is having recruiting from the high school ranks. This is setting the team up for years to come, not just one season. My hope is that he coaches even better than he recruits.

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