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Quinn Ewers is the Transcendent Recruit Texas Tech has Always Needed

Photo CC: 247 Sports

The No. 1 Player in the Recruiting Class of 2021 has entered the Transfer Portal. A quarterback with Texas ties that would still most likely be playing in the HIGH SCHOOL Playoffs if he hadn’t re-classified in August. He enrolled at Ohio State and signed a NIL Deal worth over a million dollars. And when Quinn Ewers reportedly entered the transfer portal, three colleges were named as potential suitors, Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech.

Ewers was one of the highest-rated recruits coming out of high school ever. Why would he want to wait for playing time behind a current NFL Prospect like C.J. Stroud when he could come to either of the three aforementioned schools and play immediately? A player such as Ewers can come in and not only start but change the trajectory of a program’s entire future.

That’s why he’s the prospect Texas Tech has always needed, they haven’t gotten a prospect of this magnitude ever. There have also been reports that Ewers will bring a ton of talent from the Class of 2022 with him, creating a snowball effect in College Recruiting. Other athletes want to play with this guy, and they’re willing to de-commit from their current colleges and follow Ewers to do so.

On the field, Ewers is everything you want in a quarterback. He can make every throw on the field and is a leader for his teammates. He’s calm and composed under pressure and can use his legs if needed. He’s legit in every way and he should be the top priority for Head Coach Joey McGuire.

I understand some of you have questions about a kid that just left high school and went to Ohio for less than five months just to transfer back home. Those questions are legitimate, but the rewards outweigh the risks if Ewers comes in and becomes the stud he’s been projected to become since his early high school days. Imagine having the best quarterback in the Big 12 with four years of eligibility left. Just picture it. Imagine him bringing enough talent with him to compete with the likes of Texas and Oklahoma and be better than them in their final years in the Big 12.

That would not only increase fan support, but it would also most likely impact recruiting in a way not seen in Lubbock ever. Ewers has the potential to impact the entire college landscape and change Texas Tech and Lubbock for the long run.

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2 years ago

Ewers is raising expectations before ever committing. When Stidham committed, similar reactions occurred. Then he turned tail and went instead to Baylor, eventually never living up to his anticipated potential. Should Ewers commit and sign on at Texas Tech, actually stay to play, and bring additional top talent with him, it would be a huge win for McGuire. Just don’t place to high a bet on it happening. Tech has been burnt before, as said. I hope he does play for the Red Raiders, along with whomever he does bring along to Tech with him. I’m just not holding my breath for this to happen.

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