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Breaking Down the Highest-Rated Recruit in Texas Tech Basketball History

Elijah Fisher has officially committed to Texas Tech per the Tim and Friends Show on SportsNet. He is expected to reclassify to the Class of 2022 and play for Texas Tech immediately.

He is the highest-rated recruit in Texas Tech Basketball history and is the first Consensus-Five Star recruit to join the Red Raiders. Here’s a quick breakdown of Fisher:

Size and Athleticism

Fisher looks like he’s a man among boys on the basketball court. Not necessarily with his height but his build. Looking at him, you just know he’s the biggest, strongest, athlete on the floor and his play proves it. He constantly is looking to get to the rim and has elite skills at finishing in the paint over and around people.

He’s listed as 6’6″ and nearly 200 pounds. Fisher’s ability to go to the rim and leap over other players has been well-documented on the internet. He has very good length for his size too and uses his quickness on the defensive side of the court, constantly getting deflections and steals.

Style of Play

Fisher runs 100% effort 100% of the time. He is one of the most aggressive offensive players I have seen film of. While Fisher can shoot the ball, his size and athleticism allow him to blow by people on the offensive end of the floor and get to the rim with ease, something that will continue in college as he begins working with Strength and Conditioning Coach Darby Rich.

Fisher also shows an elite-level court vision that has led to many assists over his years in high school. He was double-teamed most of high school, and he has developed great court vision to pass to the open teammate. His defensive ability is also off the charts, with his athletic ability and defensive IQ making him the best defensive player on whatever team he suited up for in his career. He will now get to learn from the best defensive coach in basketball, Mark Adams.

What he Bring to Texas Tech

Not only is Fisher most likely to be a starting guard for the Red Raiders this upcoming season, but he also has the potential to lead this team in scoring and be an essential part of the Red Raider backcourt this season. Moreover, Fisher has the potential to be a one-and-done player and go to the NBA after just one season in Lubbock.

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