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Guns Up Nation Interview with 2024 QB Will Hammond

Photo CC: Taylor Press

Fresh off of gaining his first Power 5 offer from Texas Tech, Will Hammond sat down with Jacob Harris to recap his camp experience.

Describe your visit to Texas Tech in a couple of sentences.

This visit to Texas Tech was incredible! I walked around the facilities and was super impressed with everything they have to offer.

Describe the Coaching Staff at Texas Tech.

The Coaching Staff at Texas Tech is high energy. They know how things need to be run and have great respect for all of their players.

Describe Joey McGuire in 5 words or less.

Confident, Smart, Disciplined, Motivating, and Driven.

Who from Texas Tech has been in contact with you the most and what is that relationship like?

Coach Kittley and Coach Bryant have most been in contact with me. The relationship is great and I loved having Coach Kittley out this spring to a practice.

What about Texas Tech stands out to you?

Texas Tech has a mentality that embodies West Texas football. They have great coaches that believe in each other and have fun while coaching.

What are you looking for in a College Program?

I am looking for a program that I can first get a degree from and second enjoy and call home.

What does an offer from Texas Tech mean to you?

An offer from Texas Tech means a ton, but it only means that there is more work ahead. I have to wake up every day and get better because there is always someone out there working to take my spot.

What skills do you bring to the field?

I am a field general. I have the ability to lead a team and positively impact those around me. I can make all the throws and can make plays outside the pocket.

What are some things you are working on this summer?

I’m working on being the ultimate leader for my team so we can have an extremely successful fall.

Who do you model your game after? Why?

I like to model my game after Joe Burrow because he just has this tick about him that is just confidence that comes from preparation.

Where else do you plan to visit/ camp this summer?

I am going to Camp at Texas A&M on June 9th, BYU on June 13th, and Utah on June 16th. I will also be going to the University of Houston on the 29th of July and Baylor on the 30th of July. No visits planned so far.

Guns Up Nations thanks Will Hammond for his time and effort on this interview!

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