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Guns Up Nation Interview with 2025 QB Jamison Kitna

Photo CC: DCTF

Jamison Kitna, son of former NFL Quarterback John Kitna, sat down with Jacob Harris to recap his visit to Texas Tech:

Describe your visit to Texas Tech in a couple of sentences.

Great time with coaches that were fun to talk with.

Describe the Coaching Staff at Texas Tech.

Love coach McGuire and what he does. It’s incredible what Coach Kittley was able to do with (Patrick) Mahomes and (Bailey) Zappe who broke records last year and my guy, Kirk Bryant. High energy, loved talking with him.

Describe Joey McGuire in 5 words or less.

Culture builder, genuine guy.

Who from Texas Tech has been in contact with you the most?

Coach Kittley and Coach Bryant.

What about Texas Tech stands out to you?

Joey McGuire’s culture and Coach Kittley’s history of QBs.

What are you looking for in a College Program?

A place that is in love with me, an incredible culture that people want to be around, a great offense, and a place I can develop as a QB and grow spiritually.

What would/does an offer from Texas Tech mean to you?

Man means a lot I was speechless when he told me and overflowed with joy.

What skills do you bring to the field?

I’m a Pro-style quarterback who can run, so I love to push the ball down the field, know what everyone’s doing, and play the chess match within the game.

What are some things you are working on this summer?

Left lean and quieting down my motion.

Who do you model your game after? Why?

Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, and Josh Allen, I’d say we have a similar build but I think Aaron is the most talented QB ever.

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