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Guns Up Nation Interview with Texas Tech Commit Chandlin Myers

I sat down with Texas Tech commit Chandlin Myers right after he announced his commitment to Texas Tech! Here is our conversation:

What about Texas Tech made you commit?

The coaching staff puts the players first and truly cares about the players’ success on and off the field. They want to see us fulfill our dreams and create successful futures for us as bright, educated young men.

Who have you developed the best relationship with on the coaching staff?

It’s hard to choose because there all so warm and welcoming and make me feel like a family!!

What position did Texas Tech recruit you for?

Wide Reciever.

Do you plan to visit in the fall or spring?

Yes, I do!

Anything else you’d like Red Raider Nation to know about you?

All I can do is put all my faith in God to see where he takes me. I will continue to strive for success in my academics and to maintain my health as an athlete. I look forward to putting in the time and dedication to become the man I am meant to be.

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