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Texas 2.0: Horned Frogs attempt to keep Red Raiders out of Fort Worth in November

Photo CC: TCU Athletics

Well folks, here we are again. Another school in Texas is attempting to keep Red Raiders out of their stadium. This time, the TCU Horned Frogs, a top-10 team in the AP Poll, is using any means necessary to keep home-field advantage when the Red Raiders come to town.

This started in February when the Texas Longhorns attempted to keep Texas Tech fans out of their arena, mostly to keep Chris Beard’s spirits intact. Unless you’ve been living out of the way of Texas Tech Twitter, you already know that this enterprise failed miserably, with more Red Raiders filling the stands than Longhorns. Not only that, but the Red Raiders were victorious in their last game at the Erwin Center.

TCU Athletics Director Jeremiah Donati was the deputy director under now-Texas Athletic Director Chris Del Conte. While we can’t know for sure, one might assume that this ploy to keep Red Raider fans out of Amon G. Carter Stadium next weekend was a suggestion from Del Conte.

Fuel was added to the fire when TCU Recruiting Coordinator Bryan Carrington’s tweets directed at The Matador Club’s $25,000 NIL Deals for the Texas Tech Football team sparked the Cactus Movement on Twitter. Not only did this re-ignite a rivalry that was kinda bleh, but it gave Texas Tech fans extra incentive to fill the stadium in Fort Worth when the two teams play in November.

When single-game tickets were released for TCU home games, one game was seemingly omitted. That’s correct, there were no single-game tickets available for the Texas Tech game on November 5th. The only way for Tech fans to buy tickets was to purchase a mini-plan that came with tickets to three TCU games. Many Red Raiders took advantage of this opportunity and bought the mini-plan and either sold their other tickets or used them to cheer on the Horned Frogs’ opponent.

This week, the mini-plan no longer became an option, and no one could buy tickets to the Texas Tech game. While some Red Raiders who live in the DFW area were able to get tickets over the phone, others who live outside of that area, including in Lubbock, claim they were hung up on or the ticket office in Fort Worth refused to sell them tickets.

The cherry on top of this incredibly sketchy ice cream sundae came this morning when TCU announced that faculty and staff members would be able to buy 20$ tickets to the Texas Tech game. Not only that, but they would also get a free ticket to the Iowa State game later in November.

TCU has gone over the top to keep Red Raider fans out of the stadium on November 5th. No other top-10 program would have to worry this much about another program’s fans. This isn’t the last we’ll be speaking of this either as Jeremiah Donati has said personally that tickets will be sold the same way for basketball season.

What do you think of the way the Horned Frogs are attempting to keep the Red Raiders out of the stadium? Let us know in the comments section!

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Karl Jones
Karl Jones
1 year ago

The actions of an insecure child at best. The most appropriate action is to buy from stub hub or vivid then proceed to remove them from the top 10.

Barbara Vance
Barbara Vance
1 year ago

Typical scared little program. Chicken bleep

not fat pat
not fat pat
1 year ago

the purple mini-aggies are hilarious. They are such try hards. Wonder if they will build sonny a statue next to fat pats. Then fire him in a few years!

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