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Why the Big 12 Should be Excited About Houston Joining the Conference

Photo CC: USA Today

The moment everyone has been waiting for. The Big 12 is close to adding its four new members Those members are UCF, BYU, Cincinnati, and the Houston Cougars. There’s no doubt that each of these programs has something to offer which will make the Big 12 even stronger in many aspects.

Here’s what the Houston Cougars will bring to the new Big 12.

Background on Houston

There’s no doubt the Houston Cougars have built their athletic programs up again. Many felt the university should’ve been added to the conference years ago. Houston was denied entry into the Big 12 in 2016. Some say there were some powerhouses denying them for multiple reasons such as recruiting for example. Knowing that if Houston could keep some of the recruiting talents in their city it would hurt their recruiting chances.

Basketball Program

Houston has been an incredible program over the years in basketball, having another strong campaign this year. Kelvin Sampson has made the Cougars elite contenders in the nation. They have earned spots in the NCAA Tournament in each of the last five seasons and look to add another tourney berth this season. With multiple conference championships and Final Fours, the Cougars are an exciting team that will be a part of the Big 12 soon. Their ability to recruit well and compete will make this new Big 12 even stronger.

The Excitement

The opportunity for new in-state rivals is just the start of it for multiple sports. The Cougars will often compete against more well-known and nationally significant brands across all sports as a result of joining the Big 12. Houston is one of the top recruiting hotspots in the United States because the city consistently turns out some of the best athletes in the nation in a number of sports, including football and basketball. There football program is a well-known program as well and will get stronger with the new opportunities in the conference as well. Lastly, for the fans, the new rivalries to begin will have fan bases traveling back and forth to cities. Houston is a prime location and in a powerhouse conference now will see the difference in revenue generated during conference season.

Why do you think the Big 12 should be excited about Houston? Let us know in the comments below!

Let me know in the comments how you feel about the Houston Cougars being a member of the Big 12.

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