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Should Texas Tech Really Consider Rick Pitino?

Photo CC: New York Times

Well, we’re three days into the Head Coaching Search and an interesting name with absolutely no tie to Lubbock or Texas has appeared in the coaching search. That’s right, Rick Pitino’s name is the latest name to be tied to Texas Tech when it comes to the position of Head Coach.

The 70-year old legend, currently at Iona, would replace Mark Adams, a man who many said was too old to understand the modern athlete (Adams is 66).

Don’t get me wrong, Pitino has won National Championships and made it to countless Final Fours, but his fall from grace after his stint at Louisville should give even his most staunch supporters trepidation in taking a job of this caliber. His pay-for-play scandal caught the attention of the FBI resulted in a vacated National Championship and over 100 wins wiped from the school’s record. Not to mention the public attempt to extort him in 2009 (read more into that as you may).

While what some of what Pitino did is mostly legal now, the baggage associated with that when your last Head Coach wasn’t squeaky clean is just redundant. I personally just don’t see the point of hiring another 70-year old disciplinarian Head Coach when your last disciplinarian Head Coach didn’t work out.

What would you think of Rick Pitino in Lubbock? Let is know in the comments below!

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Peter McNally
Peter McNally
1 year ago

Probably wouldn’t be a good choice.🇺🇸❤️🏀

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