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Kuminga Unlikely to Play College Basketball

The Red Raiders have been making a hard last second push to land Kuminga

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The Red Raiders have been making a hard last-second push to land the former Class of 2021 (reclassified to 2020) #1 player, Jonathan Kuminga, but their push may not have been enough.

According to Corey Evans, a Basketball Recruiting and Basketball Analyst at, the chance of Kuminga playing College Basketball are slim. “For those hoping that he (Kuminga) will play in college, I hate to tell you, but the chances of that happening are very, very slim, as in 1%,” Evans said. He continued to add, “If anyone can make it happen, it is going to be Texas Tech, but there is a far greater likelihood that Kuminga will be playing overseas in the NBL in Australia or in the new G League initiative alongside Jalen Green and Daishen Nix in the fall.”

This obviously comes as disappointing news to Texas Tech fans. Kuminga would have been a game-changer on a roster that is already welcoming the best recruiting class in program history.

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