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How a Conference Only Schedule Would Impact Texas Tech

Just how much would a conference only schedule impact Texas Tech?

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We are living in unprecedented times in the sports world due to COVID-19. It has impacted every sports league across the world and college football looks to be no different. The Big Ten and Pac-12 have already announced that they will only play in conference games this season. The other three Power 5 conferences (ACC, Big-12 & SEC) are likely to follow suit in the coming days. For every team across the country, this will be a major change, and Texas Tech it’s no different. Just how much would a conference only schedule impact Texas Tech?

As many Tech fans know, this season is huge for the program. The team struggled last year and the schedule in 2020 laid out favorably in terms of playing highly ranked teams at home. The SOS for the Red Raiders this season sits at 52nd in the country. Whether that was Baylor, Oklahoma, or Texas, the schedule and bye weeks laid out nicely. With no fans in the stands or at least fans held at a certain percentage of capacity in The Jones, this could impact what looked to be a big home-field advantage type schedule.

Here is Tech’s Big 12 Schedule for 2020 (Times are TBD)

Looking at how the schedule lays out as it currently stands, you have to like it as a Red Raider fan. Having three of your first four conference games at home is always a plus, not to mention not having to travel out of the 806 from Sept 27th to Oct 30th. This allows Coach Matt Wells and Crew to really make needed adjustments early on in the season due to the bye and early home games. The back to back road games against Oklahoma State and Kansas State will be a true test for Tech. If they can go 2-0 or 1-1 in these two games, it could really set the tone for the final three-game stretch. KU, TCU, and OU round out the schedule for the Red Raiders.

From a realistic view, the Red Raiders schedule sets them up for early season success due to not having to travel, having an early bye, which will be critical due to losing spring practice, and getting to play three of the better teams in the conference at home. The 2020 season was due to be a “prove it” type year for the Red Raiders. As a Red Raider fan, you have to like how the schedule lays out in 2020… if it stays the same.

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