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Ode to the 2020 Kickoff

We finally made it

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Off we go into the wild college football yonder. It is time “to cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame and wake up the echoes cheering her name.” “Anchors Away” “my boys and gals; every ‘Bama man’s behind you; it’s time to hit your stride.” We will “fight on” as we shout “Hail to the victors valiant! The champions of the west!” Along the way, we will see “Texas Fight,” yet at the same time say “goodbye to Texas University, [possibly even] saw Varsity’s horns off.” We will ask “Where’s that Tiger?” And once we find it, we shall demand to “hold that tiger.” College football is, one would say, “Boomer Sooner” that it was yesterday. And while traveling to a hostile environment can test one team’s soul, we know “Rocky Top, you’ll always be home sweet home to me.” But College football, no matter your team, is the greatest sport of all. To that, I’d “drink to all the good fellows who come from far and near.” And as the 2020 season kickoff is quickly approaching, all any fan can hope for is to “praise her name, boost her to fame,” and hope the victory bells ring out with the clock reads 0:00. 

For those counting at home, I referenced 13 different fight songs. This college football off-season has seen its fair share of suspension-esque news. One of those things that were also temporarily suspended was my personal excitement for the season. Most years, there is a crescendo that builds my college football excitement to fever pitches. They reach levels higher than the frequency of a dog whistle. But 2020 has tried all of us. Even the most optimistic person has had to withstand a barrage of unrelenting saddening news. Our beloved college football has seen so many teams vanish as if Thanos himself snapped his fingers from the NCAA office in Indianapolis.

But we, the college football collective masses that are still standing, must carry on. We cannot dwell on what has been taken. We must shine even brighter on what we have. And what we have, ladies and gentlemen, is a new day of college football Saturdays. 

And that new day has restored my fandom back to unprecedented levels, with a restored passion and brand new emotions. What was once a slow, steady ascension up that college football roller coaster, has now become a rocket ship launching us into the next stratosphere. We were laying dormant at the footsteps of this season without any media days and a preseason poll that came out later than usual and with teams that won’t even play. 

We all watched as campuses welcomed back students and we saw the spike in COVID-19 cases that threatened the season. We watched the schedule get pushed back. We have even seen multiple games already moved a second time. But through all of that, what was REALLY happening is we all were strapped into this intercontinental ballistic missile of college football euphoria.

All that’s left is for that last turn of the keys to launch us into orbit for this 2020 college football season and there won’t be any turning back. I am so glad we all made it to this point in our off-season journey. It has led us to this moment. Kickoff. It’s time to light the fire and hold on because when this missile hits, it’s going to be one spectacular sight.

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3 years ago

Thanks for lighting the college football fire!! Liked the way you referenced the fight song’s.

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