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West Virginia at Texas Tech Game Thoughts

Wells and Texas Tech gets much needed W over the Mountaineers 34-27

Photo CC: Texas Tech Athletic Department

No one walked out of the Jones with a bigger smile than Coach Wells. The win vs the Mountaineers is one of the biggest of his tenure. With a new QB1, the best a coach can ask for is a defense stepping up and assisting with field position. Keith Patterson knew his side of the ball needed to step up in a big way – and they did. Colombi not only out-game-managed Jarrett Doege, he flat out played better than the Mountaineers prepared for, taking advantage of each Tech defensive stop.

What you need to know from the game –

Austin McNamara

Admit it, you watched that punt rerun more than any part of the game. I know I did. Let’s just be perfectly honest here – He knocked the you-know-what out of that ball. He has not only solidified his All-American first-team campaign but put his name in the running for the Ray Guy award. Haven’t seen this much kicking goodness since Matt Williams kicked straight out of the student section. 

When you punt like this, you have to consider it drafting him  – 

Punting stats are not the usual, but going 5-267 is just ridiculous. 

Henry Colombi

If you had any doubt, that is gone. Colombi has embraced the position in a big way – and nothing was more significant than a score on your first drive. Statistically, Colombi didn’t wow you, passing for 169 yards with 40 on the ground. But going 22 of 28 with zero interceptions gets your attention. That’s called consistency, something the Raiders have not had in quite some time. 

The Mountaineers did not plan too well for someone’s running ability –

And you can’t doubt his commitment. He’s the Red Raiders QB.   

Zech McPhearson

Quietly, Zech McPhearson is putting on quite a defensive season, working on his second touchdown of the season. Anyone have Iowa State deja vu last night? I did. I bet he did too. Except this time, it was Colin Schooler with the assistance – 

Think we can go ahead and give McPhearson mid-season defensive MVP honors? He’s been a bright spot all season.

 Taj Boyd 

What happens when two running backs go down? You throw the freshman in and see what he can do. And that is exactly what happened. SaRodrick Thompson and Xavier White both bring injured seemed extremely worrisome until – 

Boyd just bought himself much more playing time, regardless of injuries. He’s earned it.  

Colin Schooler

The linebacker came through in a big way vs the Mountaineers posting 9 tackles, 6 solo. His forced fumble allowed McPhearson to scoop up the ball for a score. 

Schooler has the ability to post double digits in tackles each week. The LB needs to carry his playmaking skills into this next week vs Oklahoma. Wouldn’t mind seeing more leadership from the transfer. 

Missing WRS

Not having your top targets in Carter, Vasher, and Rigdon should have caused offensive chaos. Sure wouldn’t have known that from Colombi’s play. The IR designation needs to get minimal soon so Colombi can stretch the field next week vs Oklahoma. He’s not going to be able to keep this running up without some more weapons at his disposal. Vasher’s lack of play so far this season has been more than a disappointment. 

Myles Price

What happens when you get a big role as a Freshman? You capitalize on in every way. When your name is called, you perform. And that is what Myles Price has done when asked. The 5’10, 175 WR from Colony, TX has shown he can catch the football. His performance with three top Tech targets not playing has demonstrated he deserves to continue his time on the field. He has earned it. 

The Offense Line

Let’s give Wells one pat on the back, you beat the statistically best defense in the country. While the Mountaineers did have 2 sacks, it doesn’t paint the picture of the actual protection the Tech Offensive line gave Colombi. With Colombi only hurried once during the game, you could tell that Offensive Line Coach Steve Farmer was well prepared.

The Defense

Holding the Mountaineers to 4-16 on third downs was the evidence needed to see that DC Keith Patterson was prepared. With Oklahoma this week, the defense is going to need to continue to lead and set up a good field position while Colombi gets even more comfortable with the reigns. 

The expectations for the defense have jumped significantly – and big plays on the defensive side have been on display the last two games. If Tech really wants to surprise Oklahoma, they have to take another step this week and Colombi needs all he can get in his second start.

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