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The State of the Big 12

A look around the Big 12

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In a year that has provided little normalcy, the Big 12 is continuing that trend and has looked nothing like most predictions. As most of the Big 12 will play their 4th game this weekend let’s look at each team’s outlook and what this week’s game means for them.

Kansas (T-9th): Kansas for many years has been a basketball school and this year is the same as they start off 0-4, this game is not super meaningful for Kansas as their fate is all but sealed for the 2020 season but hey they are bowl eligible this year.

Texas Tech (T-9th): Texas Tech fans have been on a ride this season with a team that could be 3-1 if it was not for two fourth-quarter comebacks supplied by UT and Kansas State. This game will tell us a lot about Texas Techs’ future if they can win that likely means newly named starter Henry Colombi will remain Texas Techs QB1 but if they lose Matt Wells QB carousel could continue.

Texas (T-6th): TEXAS IS BACK is what you probably heard shouted by many college football heads all off-season and into the first week of Big 12 play, but that’s probably the last time you’ve heard it un-ironically. How did they fall so far in 4 weeks well it started when they were down by double digits in Lubbock before Texas Tech had an Atlanta Falcons esque final 2 minutes that cost them the game. Texas then went on to lose 2 straight to OU and TCU. This week’s game means everything for Texas if they win they still have a chance at the Big 12 Title but a loss Baylor virtually ends all hope.

TCU (T-6th): TCU is sitting about where most predictions had them this year but with both losses coming down to the final minute TCU is another team that could be 3-0 right now with some different bounces. With sophomore QB Max Duggan leading the team in rushing and passing he will need some help if they plan to gain any momentum moving forward. Much like UT if TCU can’t win this week there hopes of competing for a title will end with another loss.

OU (T-6th): For the first time in a few years I think we can safely say that OU will not have a QB in the Heisman race. Even though Rattler has not had the year many expected OU has scored at least 30 points in every game and in the Big 12 if you have an offense you have a chance. OU will need a much better play from their QB 1 to make a run for the title but if they lose this week the Sooners are likely out of the race.

Baylor (5th): Baylor has only played 2 games this year going 1-1 but with a new coaching staff expect Kansas to be one of few wins this team gets this season. Baylor also has to get its Covid cases under control if it hopes to gain any progress this year. This week will test Baylor and will show if they are a contender or pretender but it will likely be the latter.

WVU (4th): West Virginia has had the nationals top defense but they have yet to play a high power offense but they could have that opportunity this weekend depending on which Texas Tech offense shows up, be on the lookout to see if WVUs defense can contain Texas Techs new QB Henry Colombi. Although a win might not prove much for WVU a loss could severely hurt their chances for a Big 12 title.

OSU (3rd): The Cowboys are the only team in the Big 12 that is still undefeated overall, they are also the most promising team so far ranked at #6 in the nation. OK state faces its best opponent to date against #17 ISU. If OSU can win this weekend they will have a solid chance to take the Driver seat in the big 12.

KSU (T-1st): In a scenario that nobody saw coming Kansas State is tied for the lead in Big 12 through 4 weeks but how did they get here, well they had two 4th quarter comebacks against OU and Texas Tech but this weeks game shouldn’t be worrisome as they play in-state rival Kansas who sits at 0-4. KSU will be OK states the biggest fan on Saturday with hopes to sit alone in the first place by Saturday night.

ISU (T-1st): ISU much like KSU was not expected to be here at this point in the season so let’s take a look at how ISU got to this point. Well, they got here by running the football. Twice this season ISU has Ran for more yards than they passed, but will their rush game be able to keep up with OSUs offense a win this week will keep ISU in first as a loss could drop them to 5th regardless this is the game of the week in the big 12.

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