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NFL Profile: TJ Vasher

Photo CC: Texas Tech Athletics

The Dallas Cowboys picked up TJ Vasher as a Undrafted Free Agent shortly after the NFL Draft concluded in April. While he didn’t produce the best numbers, his measurables and highlights surely justify him getting a shot at the NFL. Here is the profile on TJ Vasher:

Why He Got Picked Where He Did:

There were many reasons why Vasher wasn’t drafted. He had some off-the-field issues in his senior season where he missed a few games. He also wasn’t consistent enough for most teams to take a chance on him. His highlights were incredible, but his lowlights were equally bad. Dropping easy catches, inconsistent route running, and the lack of elite speed are some of the reasons most teams didn’t want to take a chance on him.

The good news is that most of those things are correctable. Being able to work in an NFL facility could help his footwork and his route running and getting to work for a career at catching the football could help him with the drops. He was given a shot because of his athletic ability and size. Vasher is 6’6 and can jump out of the building. He also has incredibly long arms and made some circus catches in his time with Tech.

NFL Projection:

Vasher is one of the hardest projections I’ve had to make in the NFL. If he can’t fix his catching issues, he could be out of the league before the regular season even starts in September. If he can correct his catching issues and still makes those highlight-reel plays, he’ll be a mainstay in the league for many years.

His uncle, Nathan Vasher played at Texas and went on to play seven seasons in the NFL. There’s family history there and while that doesn’t predict the future, it helps to know that Vasher has someone in his corner that has been through the rigors of the NFL.

My official prediction is that TJ Vasher will make the Cowboy’s Practice Squad this season and have a really good shot to make the 53-man roster next season with Michael Gallup most likely moving on in free agency.

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