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There’s Jaylon Hutchings Days Until Football

Photo CC: Texas Tech Athletics

That would be 95 days until Jaylon takes the field against The University of Houston Cougars for his 21st career start for Texas Tech. The Nosetackle in his junior season eligibility wise but his four years in the scarlet and black (suited up for 25 games over 3 seasons). Hutchings could start every game this year depending on the shifts being made on the Defensive Line. Regardless, the junior is an experienced starter with a 6 foot, 300-pound frame.

The Nosetackle has recorded 2.5 sacks, 6.5 Tackles for Loss, 52 tackles, one forced fumble, one block, and nine rushing yards. Yes, nine rushing yards. Tech has twice used Hutchings on fake punts running the ball. Hutchings’ bulkiness allows him to be a great piece for the Red Raider’s run defense and goal-line sets. Expect to see him as a mainstay on an experienced Texas Tech defensive line like in his two prior seasons.

In the classroom, Hutchings was no slack, gaining attention for academics. 2020 was the second year in a row he was named All Big-12 Academic 2nd team. These skills in the classroom translate to on-field knowledge as number 95 is one of the smartest players in regards to Texas Tech’s defense, often correcting himself and others on the line pre-play or can be seen explaining looks on the sideline to teammates.

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