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Here’s Why Texas Tech Basketball Will be Better Than a Top-75 Team

Photo CC: Texas Tech Athletics

There’s nothing better than college basketball drama. This sport has turned from an October to April sport to something that you have to watch 365 days a year! Someone who shall remain nameless was on Twitter last night and may have said that Texas Tech was a top-75 team. Here’s why Texas Tech won’t miss the tournament!

Ah, underdogs again. This is where this program is comfortable and this is where the fan base as a whole likes to live. It was just weird seeing some of our fan brethren get a little bit entitled about the baseball team. Coach Adams has attacked the transfer portal this off-season not only gaining great players but players that fit his identity.

This season’s team has everything you can ask in a team. Elite shooters, ball handlers, rebounders, athletic freaks, size, and the most important piece in my humble opinion, experience. Most of this team has at least two seasons of college ball under their belts and that is something that is often discounted. For the first time in a while, it also appears this team has elite depth.

Seriously though, take a look at the roster. All but three played above 15 minutes last season and I expect two of said three guys to be starter-type players for you this season. You’re looking at a 10 or even 11 deep rotation if you add someone or someone comes back (hint hint, Mr. Shannon). You’re going to ride the hot hands most nights and with a 10-man rotation, it’s easy to do so.

Adams and his staff have also built a roster of guys who shoot the dang basketball. The last offense was slow, and I mean slower than Molasses in January. It was also predicated on movement and it seemed no one wanted to move which led to a ton of ill-timed passes and players having to play hero ball. Surprise, that type of offense is very outdated and it won’t work anywhere, even in Austin.

This roster as a whole took 25 more shots per game than last season’s roster (This stat comes from Ryan Mainville, someone you all should follow on Twitter)! That’s a ton. This team will most definitely showcase a more up-tempo, run-and-gun system that encourages shooting and free-flowing offense.

Let’s also not forget one of the reasons Coach Adams was hired to be the Head Coach, defense. This team is coached by the best defensive coach in the country. I have no doubt in my mind that Coach Adams is the best defensive mind in College Basketball right now and he will have this team playing great defense this season.

Looking at the past few College Basketball National Champions, they all have a couple of things in common. First, they all have a good amount of experience in some way. Whether it’s a bunch of all-star freshman being coached by a Hall or Famer or a group of experience players that have played the game for years.

Next, every player that has a role on that team is great at something. Whether that be athleticism, shooting, ball handling, rebounding, etc., something about that player stands out above the rest. Finally, they got hot at the right time. That one is the hardest to gauge as some of the greatest teams flared up early or never hit that next gear. This often has to do with coaching, and I think Texas Tech has one of the best in the nation.

Texas Tech has experience in not only its’ players but its’ coaching staff. Coach Adams has been coaching at an elite level for over 30 years. Not to mention his coaching staff includes members of a Final Four team and an NBA Champion. These guys know what it takes to win. We’ll have to wait and see if each player has something great about them but looking at each of their films early on, it’s obvious why Coach Adams wanted them.

It’s hard for most of us as fans to stand by and watch someone trash Texas Tech Basketball like it has been the past two months. My argument is not made with anger, but with sound judgment and analytics. I can’t wait for the Red Raiders to prove everyone wrong next season.

Guns Up!

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