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Patrick Mahomes Buys Stake in Sporting KC

Photo CC: Sporting KC

In July of 2020, Kanas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed his 10-year, 503 million dollar deal to solidify his place in Kanas City for the majority of his career. Over the next year, Mahomes started to see interest in investing himself into the other opportunities that the Kansas City sports teams had to offer.

He started out by buying a portion of the Kansas City Royals in July of 2020. Over the past year, he has been seen at the Kauffman Stadium cheering them on and always seems to be having fun. More recently, Mahomes has found interest in buying a stake in another major sports team in Kansas City.

Sporting KC is a professional soccer team located in Kansas City. Mahomes has been known in college at Texas Tech to really embrace the town and the culture that comes with it. This here is no different with news coming two days ago that Mahomes has decided to buy a stake in his second major sports team only a year after buying his first one.

This comes as no surprise because Mahomes really does seem to like the city and community of Kansas City. We all know that Texas Tech will always be home to Patrick Mahomes, but it seems Kansas City is in his heart as well.

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