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Top 10 Uses Of Tortillas

Photo CC: Sally Vargas

I cannot confirm nor deny if a flour tortilla is a great substitute for a coffee filter. What I can confirm is that tortillas are incredible. Tortillas are such a culinary gift that many will overlook and (gasp) even look down upon. I absolutely encourage Guns Up Nation to explore what the best use of a tortilla is, but here at the 10 best uses for tortillas Guns Up Nation needs to know about.

10. Wraps/Sandwich Substitute


Tortillas make standard sandwiches even more portable. The combinations of fillings really are endless. This chicken caesar wrap looks quite incredible if I must say so myself. Landing at number 10 on this spot really should be a complement and not an insult. I currently live in Maryland and one time out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, my wife and I overheard a customer asking the waiter for more “wrap-things” for their fajitas. Those experiences alone will keep the wrap from moving further up this list.

9. Migas


Migas translates to “scraps” or “crumbs”, but when it hits my tongue, it translates to delicious. For those unfamiliar with this dish, leftover corn tortillas are cut up, fried up, and then added to scrambled eggs. It is a great comfort breakfast that is often accompanied with either salsa, avocado, or just fresh tomatoes and jalapeños in the dish. If the night out was pretty rough, melt some cheese over that plate of Migas and kick that hangover to the curb!

8. Burritos


Grab those XXL-sized tortillas and round up all those yummy Mexican flavors that you can. Stuff that tortilla just like we all had to stuff ourselves into non-elastic pants for the first time after being stuck at home for weeks/months in 2020, and then drown it in sauce. While the sauce part is optional when talking about a burrito, the size and stuffing part are not. In all reality, burritos should never have become portable. That option is located further down this list. But that takes nothing away from this wonderful food creations we all know and love.

7. Chimichangas


*See description for burritos on the countdown and just deep fry it.

6. Enchiladas

Food Network Kitchen – Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas are the embodiment of a warm hug from a tortilla. When it comes to Mexican comfort food, this is as comfortable as wrapping up in a fresh-out-of-the-dryer blanket on a cold winter day. True enchiladas from scratch are an absolute labor of love that you can taste. Whether it be beef, chicken, cheese, or any other star ingredient, we are all thankful that the tortilla could bless us with such a creation.

5. Sopapillas


Growing up in Plano, Texas there was a restaurant we would go frequently which served an unlimited amount of these blessings from the sugary gods by simply raising a mini Mexican flag at the table. It wasn’t until I was out of college that I discovered how easy it is to make these. Cut up flower tortillas, deep fry them until they are puffy and golden, throw a cinnamon sugar mixture on them while still hot, and then drizzle honey on them. It is impossible to eat just one, so understand when its time to dive into a bowl of these treats, you might need to do some extra jumping around at the next Texas Tech football game to work them off (spoiler alert: they are worth it).

4. Quesadillas


Tortillas are the heart and center of many tailgate foods around this country. The quesadilla is about as simple and practical and delectable as tailgate food gets. This cheesy goodness can be as simple as a tortilla and cheese pressed together, or get as crazy as your heart desires (personal favorite, fill the inside of the quesadilla with buffalo chicken dip, chef’s kiss).

3. Tacos


There is a reason why tacos have an entire day of the week dedicated to it. All. Year. Long Flour or corn, just get a tortilla and start filling it. Tacos can fill needs that range from “oh I need a quick pick me up, let me grab a taco.” to its the 6th hour of the tailgate and the realization of “I NEED ALL THE TACOS.” Who doesn’t love tacos? If you are looking to make friends, just have tacos.

2. Chips


If we are talking about a tailgate staple, tortilla chips are not just a must; they are required by tailgate law. This is the greatest culinary gift that a tortilla has ever given the world. Whether it is dipped into salsa or guacamole, or smothered in cheese, or simply savoring the salty and crispiness of this bite-size morsel, the tortilla chip is the king of tailgates across this country. But that isn’t the greatest use of the a tortilla.

1. Kickoff at the Jones


My time in the military resulted in fostering relationships with fans of Penn State, Kentucky, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, and every where in between. The first time I try to explain what you see in the photo above is always the same.

But why do you throw tortillas?

Credit: Every fan I have talked to outside of the Big 12

The actual story isn’t as exciting as one might think, but that isn’t the story I tell people. Many traditions found across this college football nation have origin stories that are dull, but the tradition itself is awesome. So I tell people a few different reasons why to keep it simple.

It is a tradition. And no, it’s not actually legal to bring tortillas into the stadium.

What exactly did you think the Double T stood for?

It’s fun. Are you anti-fun?

Credit: Me

This isn’t just limited to the Jones. The sports world was completely befuddled when a tortilla landed on the court of the Men’s basketball National Championship game in 2019.

There really is something about tortillas cascading down from the clear west Texas sky with an opening kickoff. It is one of those things that can only be found in college football. And while other college football fans will give a Tech fan the same sideways look my dog does when I ask if he wants a treat, they quickly accept it as the norm. This unique scene, which is so wacky, wonderful, moving, exhilarating, wasteful (think of all the tacos gone), and bizarrely hypnotic, is all brought to you by the pedestrian tortilla.

Any other uses of the tortilla that we missed? Let us know at Guns Up Nation on Twitter (@gunsupnation), Facebook, and Instagram (@gunsupnation)!

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