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Guns Up Nation Mailbag:

Photo CC: Coby Mote Designs

Hello and welcome to the June Edition of the Guns Up Nation Mailbag! Every month, I, Managing Editor Jacob Harris, will answer all of your Texas Tech-related questions. Be sure to find our mailbag posts to have your questions answered! Without further ado, let’s get to some questions!

From Cam on Twitter: Will we ever see a Matt Temple-Like story again in the Men’s Program?

I will never say never but where the program is at the moment, I’d say it isn’t likely. I do know the team does play pick-up in the Rec on occasion. I could see someone walking on from the Rec in the future, but Temple came in and played a solid role on the team for two seasons.

From Robby on Twitter: I never heard anything from Kerwin Walton or Cedric Henderson’s visits. Any word on those two or anyone else they’re recruiting?

Well, unfortunately, Cedric Henderson committed to Arizona earlier in the week. Walton has Texas Tech in his Top-3 and could announce his intentions as soon as today. I don’t believe they’re actively recruiting anyone else at the moment.

On that note, the Lady Raiders are also not actively recruiting anyone to add to this season’s team as well. They do have 2 scholarships available and could use one if something came up.

From Will on Instagram: What Big 12 team will give us fit this season in football?

I think Baylor is my dark horse to win the conference. I honestly think their former stud recruiter (our current Head Coach) set them up talent-wise for a while. Really talented on both lines and has some studs in key skill positions.

Of course, I could be completely wrong, but Baylor could repeat their Big 12 Title.

From Emily on Twitter: Your rapper name is “Lil + your last athletic injury” What is your rapper name?

Lil Broken Foot. It’s not a fun story and it involves the volleyball pits at Texas Tech.

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