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Guns Up Nation Interview With 2023 Kicker Matthew Estes

Jacob Harris sat down with Kingwood Kicker Matthew Estes after his stellar workout at Texas Tech that led to a PWO offer! Here is our conversation.

Describe your visit to Texas Tech in a couple of sentences.

As soon as I got to the campus I fell in love. Such an eye-pleaser and I was very impressed. Everyone there that I met is very nice and uplifting.

Describe the Coaching Staff at Texas Tech.

Man, words can describe them. I can’t thank them enough. As soon as I met them we were talking and conversing as if we already knew each other.

Describe Joey McGuire in 5 words or less.


Who from Texas Tech has been in contact with you the most and what is that relationship like?

Coach Schovanec. He had been in touch with me and kept me updated a lot. I think now that we have met in person we will continue to get to know each other much better.

What about Texas Tech stands out to you?

The campus, and the people.

What are you looking for in a College Program?

Coaches that will believe in me and give me a shot. I know I have the talent for it. And to make bonds/ friendships that will last a lifetime.

What would/does an offer from Texas Tech mean to you?

It means so much, I can’t explain my happiness right now. This is my first offer (PWO) so I am very excited. I can see myself playing here in the future.

What skills do you bring to the field?

Many, I play defensive back and wide receiver as well as kicker. I am an all-around athlete.

What are some things you are working on this summer?

Strength and consistency in my work.

Who do you model your game after? Why?

My personal coach, Nick Gatto. He has gotten me to where I am today and I thank him for that. He was a kicker as well.

Where else do you plan to visit/ camp this summer?

No visits so far, I plan to go to SFA, UTSA, UofH, SHSU, and more.

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