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Why Rodney Terry Should be Texas Tech’s Next Basketball Coach

Photo CC: USA Today

With Mark Adam’s resignation becoming official, Texas Tech is now looking for a new Head Basketball Coach. Looking outward, the Red Raiders could go after Rodney Terry, the interim Head Coach at Texas, should they decide not to give him the full-time job. Here’s why Texas Tech should go after Rodney Terry:

Keeping Things Afloat

Coach Terry stepped into the interim Head Coaching role after Chris Beard’s suspension and eventual firing for alleged domestic violence against his fiancé. He kept Texas playing at the same level as they were before Beard left the team, if not elevating the team’s play.

Texas has been a Top-10 program this season (as much as it pains me to say). Without Terry at the helm, they might have fallen a part like the Red Raiders did this season.

Previous Experience

Terry had been a Division One Head Coach since 2011, seven years at Fresno State and three seasons at UTEP. While he only made the NCAA Tournament once, his teams were always competitive and never pushovers. His last team at UTEP even defeated the Red Raiders in a scrimmage in 2019.

Player Development

Red Raider Bryson Williams, now Xavier Musketeer Souley Boum, and now-Memphis guard Keonte Kennedy are just some examples of players Rodney Terry developed in his time at UTEP. He has an eye for talent, especially at the guard spot, and can help develop guys into pure scorers.

While at UTEP, Bryson Williams developed a jump shot, something that was used again and again while he was in Lubbock.


Terry has been Texas’ primary recruiter since his hiring in 2021. He’s had his hand in recruiting guys like Marcus Carr, Dillon Mitchell, and Christian Bishop.

As mentioned before, he recruited Bryson Williams out of high school and turned him into a star.

What would you think of a Rodney Terry hire? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ted Anderson
Ted Anderson
1 year ago

Why would we hire anybody from UT? Their are much better candidates

1 year ago

I’m all in on Rodney Terry!!!

Peter McNally
Peter McNally
1 year ago

Sounds like a winner !🇺🇸🏌🏻‍♂️🏀

1 year ago

I actually played for Rodney Terry for 1 season in High School – we both are from the same city.

I can’t say we are close friends or anything, but I do know the man. I can tell you that he is a very good guy and a good coach. He has no personal controversies or ethical/moral issues. He knows the game and knows how to get players excited and engaged. He is a great recruiter, and has been in charge of recruiting some of the best players UT basketball has ever had during his tenures as an assistant.

I can see Texas passing on him because he is not a big name, and that is a shame. As a Tech Alumni, I would love to see him at least get an interview at Tech.

His college HC record is not amazing, but he was at 2 very difficult programs and if you dig into the numbers, he actually showed alot of improvement in specific ways.

Personally, I think he would be very successful at Tech given his experience and ability to recruit and keep players engaged. I also think he really knows how to connect with players, which will help in keeping players away from the portal – two things I believe were Adams’s weaknesses.

If Hot Rod has the right assistants I think he can be successful at UT or at Tech. I am rooting for him either way.

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