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Opposition Report – Kansas Jayhawks

Red Raiders seeking revenge at the Jones, Patterson to temp-HC to close conference play

Photo CC: Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE(Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE – US PRESSWIRE)

Let’s open this Opposition Report with why an overwhelming win is necessary this weekend – 

Don’t think there is any further explanation needed….the video speaks for itself. This weekend is all about respect and closing. Oh, and a whole lot of revenge.  

Let’s get down to it – Kansas is now 0-8, 0-7 in conference play. Les Miles continues in his attempt to erect a program that continues to troll the bottom of the Big12. The last time the Jayhawks had winning records was 2007-2008. Twelve straight losing seasons is quite the record –

I imagine that the Kansas faithful aren’t too happy with the current state of events, but The Jayhawk program is still entrenched with Les Miles, who carries an annual salary of 2.76 million. Having a 3-15 total record at Kansas might not get you in the hot seat now, but I imagine another abysmal season could set the spark. However, keep this also in mind – the Jayhawks have one of the most inexperienced teams in the country. Youth is nice, but you still have to steer the ship in the right direction, and Les Miles knows that better than anyone. 

If you didn’t know, now you do

Therefore, DC Keith Patterson will get promoted to temp-HC for the Kansas game. Does this intrigue you Raider fans? Let’s see the dynamic on the sideline and play on the field with Patterson taking the reins. Hoping for the best for Coach Wells, but the option to see Patterson lead is just too enticing. You too?

Ok, let’s get down to Kansas and what you should expect – 

Kansas on Offense 

One of the possible quarterbacks under center for the Jayhawks is FR Jalon Daniels. Check his stats –

Yes, at first glance you can see the numbers are all over the board. Daniels has been battling injuries throughout the season and is averaging a pitiful 4.7 yards per attempt, which ranks as one of the worst in the NCAA. 

But you wont just see Daniels. Get ready too get a nice dose of Miles Kendrick. Here are the junior’s stats –

Daniels may have started the last four games, but it was Kendrick who closed. Dissecting Kendrick, you can see that his touchdown to interception ratio isn’t the best, but he is completing 61% of his passes, which is better than Daniels.

For both quarterbacks, be prepared for each QB to tuck it and run if needed. For Daniels, he has scored three touchdowns on the year on the ground, but his 74 yards on 24 attempts gives him a woeful 0.3 average per rush. Miles Kendrick also has quite an alarming rushing stat sheet with 27 carries for -38 yards (-1.4 average). 

Kansas’s running game took a massive step in the wrong direction when Pooka Williams Jr. decided to forgo the remainder of the season, citing family as the primary reason. With Williams gone and with backup (and current leading rusher) Velton Gardner not playing since October, along with Daniel Hishaw Jr. not expected to play Saturday, look for Amauri Persek-Hickson to carry the backfield load. Pesek-Hickson by himself has given the fans a reason to watch, coming off a 100-yard performance on 22 carries last week vs TCU. 

The running back depth is a very big concern for the Jayhawks, which should be something Keith Patterson will seek to take advantage of. Expect the Tech linebacking corp to have the biggest stats of the year this weekend. Keith Patterson and his defense are not going to let another third-string running have a big day. Put that in stone with Patterson at the temp-helm.

Expect to see SR-WR Kwamie Lassiter be the primary target for either Daniels or Kendrick. Like Persek-Hickson, Lassiter is coming off his best game of the season with 116 yards on 7 receptions, 1 TD. Look for Zech McPhearson, DaMarcus Fields, and Eric Monroe to match up with Lassiter. Edge clearly favors Tech’s secondary. Expect turnovers.

When Tech has the Ball

Defensively, Kansas ranks 108th in the country. They aren’t the worst, but they are less than 20 spots from that crown. In 2020 the Kansas defense has given up 43 touchdowns in just seven games. Opponents are averaging 6.14 touchdowns and 468 yards of total offense. If there was one where Tech could bring out all the stops offensively, it’s this weekend. 

Leading the way defensively for the Jayhawks is SO DB Kenny Logan. The Saint Augustine, FL native has been one of the bright spots for Kansas on the defensive side. For the season, Logan has 55 TOT, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 2 ints, and 3 pds. 

In the linebacking corp, watch SR-LB Kyron Johnson. The 6’1 233 LB has size and sideline to sideline speed. His performance vs Oklahoma two weeks ago was the only light to be seen from the 62-9 drumming, leaving Norman with 7 tackles, 2 sacks, and one forced fumble. What makes Johnson interesting is not only the size he possesses, but the speed is what makes him a potential threat, running in the 4.3s. Any linebacker with that size and speed will get NFL attention. 

The Take

So, Kan-this get any worse? It could, but it won’t. With Keith Patterson manning the HC duties this Saturday, there should be some excitement with what he might bring to the sideline. How will this impact the game? Patterson’s spurt as temp-HC might be just what Texas Tech needs, especially with a defense that continues to improve. 

This game needs to be a defensive show and demonstration of what to expect for 2021. As you watch, keep in mind that NCAA athletes have received a waiver that exempts this year from counting against their eligibility. Any player can return, but in the same light, any player can leave. It’s a new age in college football, and the transfer portal is a hot place to be at the moment. Texas Tech football will not be immune. 

Listen, Kansas is bad, very bad. This needs to be a game where Tech hangs a ridiculous amount of points on their opponent. Keith Patterson needs to use this game as a statement of what 2021 will potentially look like and get fans and alum thinking positively going into the offseason. 

Have a comment? Disagree? Drop a comment and let us know!

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