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Hut Graham brings athleticism and two-way experience to Texas Tech

Photo CC: 247 Sports

With this Tweet on June 17th, Hut Graham became the first verbal commitment for the Texas Tech 2022 recruiting class. Guns Up Nation takes a look at what this two-way player can bring to the Red Raiders.

Quarterback who can make plays both with his legs and his arm

Graham plays Quarterback for his high school team in Gunter, TX as well as spends some time on the defensive side of the ball (more on that later). It was his playmaking ability in multiple ways that earned him the District 8-3A-II MVP Award. His junior year included 2,003 passing yards, 656 rushing yards, and 35 total touchdowns. A few things stand out: the first of which is noticing that the offense he is running is often out of the pistol formation, something that new Offensive Coordinator Sonny Cumbie certainly utilizes. Another thing that pops watching his film is his elusiveness. Graham has countless plays in which he makes more than 2 defenders miss in the open field.

Not afraid of contact on the defensive side of the ball

His overall athleticism carries over when he lines up as a Cornerback for the Tigers of Gunter High School. The 3-star recruit isn’t just a cover-type corner. Graham has no problem putting his facemask in the chest of a ball carrier and bringing them to the ground. He also has returned kicks and his skill set allows him to also line up at Safety. Graham’s recruiting came together very quickly. After attending camp at Texas Tech, he received an offer from the coaching staff. It was just one week later, he visited Lubbock for his official visit. On the back end of his official visit, Graham made it official and started the 2022 recruiting class for the Red Raiders. Red Raider fans are excited to see what shape this recruiting class takes with Graham getting the ball officially rolling.

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2 years ago

Hut will never play a down under center if Wells and Petersen have their ways. Cumbie could do some good coaching up with this two-way player, but alas he is bound to only be seen on the defensive side, if at all.

Andrew McCleary
Andrew McCleary
2 years ago
Reply to  Larrypilk

Quarterback, Defensive Back, doesn’t matter. When you recruit athletes you look to put them at the best position for them make contributions for the team.

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